Wholesale fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetables

Nine varieties of baby vegetables, colourful heritage roots and tomatoes, sit alongside the full range of wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables we have on offer. Over 150 lines available as stocked!

Boats, weather and God allowing Manor Farm Foods import over 40 pallets of fresh fruit and vegetable produce over the course of a week. We carefully balance deliveries to maintain a constant fresh supply of the lines we hold in stock.

Manor Farm Foods have also developed long term relationships with Guernsey growers and selected suppliers who provide us with cucumbers and tomatoes for almost six months of the year and local courgettes, peppers and berries in season.

We supply local potatoes throughout the year. Main crops, reds, jackets and mids.

With an eye towards current food trends we also supply our restaurant customers with weekly deliveries of micro greens, sea vegetables and edible flowers from Westlands in the Vale of Evesham.

In addition we source specialist lines weekly from Rungis International Market, the world's biggest food market just outside Paris, exotic salads, fruits, vegetables, tubers, roots and wild mushrooms are available as special orders.

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